InfoPath Field Limit – Form Fail to Publish

Run into this error, and there wasn’t much info about this issue…  If anyone know anything about this one, please post a solution

– created a InfoPath form

– attempt to promote various field to the Content Type.

– InfoPath fail to publish more than 30 field.  (works perfectly find if I keep the # below 30)

– I read some where there was a hot-fix for it (forgot where), applied it, but still didn’t fix it…

I end up just publishing the form with less than 30 fields


SQL 2005/2008 Mirroring Databases

Was working on mirroring a few SQL databases for Sharepoint.  but keep getting the following error:

– error 1817, fail to connect to the server xxx

– when you check the server’s event log, it mention there were a log showing the 2 SQL server were trying to connect thru anonymous account.

Here is what I did to fix it:

– ensure to use a FQDN  such as

– ENSURE SQL services is running on a Services account AND NOT LOCAL OR NETWORK SERVICES!!!! (this was my problem).