About this Blog

After working with Sharepoint, Remote Desktop Services (RDS/TS), CRM, TMG/UAG/ISA, MOM/SCOM, and DPM/SCDPM for more than 6 years and 12 years on other Microsoft related technologies, I decide to post some of the errors and fixes I found related to those technologies.  I picked these technologies because during my career working with them, they seem to be the hardest to troubleshoot…  There are very little information on fixes related to these technologies, it was always a pain to troubleshoot.  There are days I spend looking at white paper (yes…  the Microsoft white paper) just to see if it have the answer I am looking for (well, what else are you going to do when there is nothing else out there)…  So that is the reason why I started this blog.  Plus putting it up here help me find it faster the next time around.

Some items are collect from the internet and some are my original contents.  I hope someone will find this blog interesting and helpful (at least you don’t have to look for it…). 

I will try my best to add more stuff to this blog in hope it will help other.

I can be reach at hoy @ yiusan.com if you have other questions or comment about my experiences (you never know, maybe there is something I know that is not posted here)

Yiu San Ho


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