Manually add agent to DPM Server

Here are the steps to manually install and add agent to DPM server

Copying the agent install files over:

– You should be able to find it on your install CD at in the Agent folder

– if you have SP1 or other version install, you can find the newer version of the agent on your server locally:  <drive letter>:\Programs Files\Microsoft DPM\DPM\Agents\

If you are installing the agent for the first time:

– (x64) DPMAgentInstaller_amd64.exe <DPM server name>

– (x86) DPMAgentInstaller.exe <DPM server name>

Depends on the version of the agent you are installing, your .exe might be different, for example:

– (x64) DPMAgentInstaller_KB959605_amd64.exe <DPM server name>

– (x86) DPMAgentInstaller_KB959605.exe <DPM server name>

If you already have the agent install and want to change/modify/add the DPM Server

SetDpmServer.exe –dpmServerName <DPM server name>

Example:  SetDpmServer.exe –dpmServerName DPMServerName

On the DPM Server using DPM Management Shell, run the following command:

Attach-ProductionServer.ps1 <DPM server name> <production server name> <user name> <password> <domain>

Note:  you don’t really need username, password, and domain if you don’t want to, DPM will ask you for those info after the command.

Example:  Attach-ProductionServer.ps1 DPMServerName NameOfServerWithAgent